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December 4, 2018 by Robert

WOW! What Can Hotels Give You For Free?

Novotel hotel reception

Luxury hotels are generous when it comes to offering perks to their customers. But did you know that regular, mid-range hotels may offer you quite a wide variety of complimentary things? In this blog post, we’ll have a look at all the useful things regular hotels may offer you. Do keep in mind that this won’t be a fool-proof list on standardized offerings. The particular available depends on the hotels and hospitality business chains. It’s better to take this list as a general guide full of hints for your next stay at a 4* or 5* hotel.

Phone charging in the palm of hand
While there aren’t too many hotels that feature different chargers for smartphones in their rooms, you can count upon the reception to help you in the sudden case of a lost charger. While this isn’t regularly an explicit service, the reception usually has a steady accumulation of missing chargers so they can surely loan you one from the missing stuff box.

Shaving kit comprising of Gilette razor, shaving gel, and after-shave
Shaving kit
It’s useful to ask from the reception whether they have a safety razor, Gilette shaver, or a full-blown shaving kit complete with foaming gel. Many four-star hotels provide tools for shaving. In some hotel chains, you can expect not to ask for the shaving kits from the reception as the shaver and shaving foam already wait for you on the bathroom sink.

Cotton swab against skin
Moisturizers are especially important in dry, cold or desert-dry climates. That’s why most modern mid-range hotels offer them for free. Similarly to shampoo, most of the times, it’s already waiting for you in the room.

Small shampoo bottles and soap packets
This is probably one of the most well-known free extras that hotels have to offer for their guests. Basic shampoo can often be found even in hotels carrying two or three stars. Most of the hotels provide shower gel and/or conditioner as well. If you are prone to allergic reactions or have sensitive skin, then beware of the cheaper products carried by regular hotels. Usually, these products are full of chemicals that are cheaper and not that gentle on your skin. When you stay at more luxurious hotels, you might spot that the brands and products are more expensive, carrying less cheap and irritating stuff on the ingredients list.

Two chocolate chip cookies, one dark brown, one light brown
All the Hilton DoubleTree brand hotels offer warm and crispy chocolate-chip cookies to their guests while they are checking in. This cookie has become an integral part of their brand’s public image. But similar offers have been invented in other hotels as well, some of them inspired by DoubleTree’s iconic treat. Even cheaper hostels have come up with “cookies” of their own, for example, free vodka or tequila welcome shots.

Two slippers
Slippers are usually given out for free in hotels that have a spa or pool area. While the slippers tend to have a dubious quality, many guests nonetheless take the free stuff home. Some people have reported that their hotel brand slippers have lasted for over a year before disintegrating or getting wide holes in the soles.

Woman doing yoga on a mat
Yoga mat
You shouldn’t take a yoga mat home, but you can still use it for free in your room. Some hotels have started to think more about the wellness and relaxation aspects of their guests. In addition to providing yoga mats, some resorts now organize in-house yoga sessions.