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December 3, 2018 by Robert

Where To Seek Sun In Late Spring 2019

Spring is a time when the flights are cheaper and accommodation prices a bit lower compared to the peak summer season. That’s why more and more people are discovering the benefits of planning their holidays in April and May. Northern Europe usually experiences quite cold temperatures, but the southern part already starts to warm up. While spring will never exactly offer the summer state of mind, it’s still a good idea to visit some of the holiday destinations when they aren’t fully packed with swarms of tourists yet. Let’s take a closer look at some of your option…

Sun and dunes
Blazing hot in the summertime and surprisingly cold in the winter, Morocco is a great destination for sun-worshippers. Agadir is a prime beach destination that’s not a great place to visit in January. But the late-spring weather can sometimes bring quite warm weather. Also, venturing inland opens you up to one of the best times to visit mountainous regions and participate in desert adventures. July can be unbearable in the Sahara region, yet April allows you to have a nice time with your whole family. Don’t forget to haggle at the bustling markets in Marrakech!

People lounging on the beach
Have you ever visited Dubai in August? The heat and humidity are absolutely torturous! Most people visit Dubai in the winter, but spring can also be a good time to visit. You just have to keep in mind that the temperature will steadily climb as the summer gets closer. But if you are looking for sun, then surely it’ll be there at least on some of your week-long vacation days.

Blue sea and sandy beach
Turkish southern coast is one of the favourite destinations among European holidaymakers: Izmir, Antalya, and Kemer have been hailed as some of the nicest vacation destinations in the whole country. Winter? Not a good idea as there’s a lot of rain and the temperatures are cool. May might already see the first warmer and cloudless days arrive after the long rainy winter. See a great last-minute deal to Turkey in May? Check the weather forecast and if it’s nice, then book your tickets. You won’t be disappointed!

Yacht and Meditarrenean coast
Malta is a melting pot of different cultures as the tiny island has had many rulers. Similarly to Turkey, the winters are bleak and even floods aren’t uncommon when after the bigger storms hit the coastline. You’ll find the flight ticket and accommodation costs in May a bit cheaper compared to the summer months. Most of the time, the weather should be quite nice. The only downside is the fact that there’s a greater chance of downpours in May than July.

Palm trees and water, dusty mountains in the background
Eilat provides the access to the Red Sea in Israel. Some people visit the destination in the winter when it’s still warm, yet there’s a big chance of even having downcast for 4-5 days in a row. That isn’t the best deal for all the sun-seekers out there. April and May are totally different, though. You can expect warmer weather compared to the winter months and there’s a significantly lower risk of rainy days.

Historical Old Town Narrow Street
You might ask what is Azerbaijan doing on a list of late-spring sun destinations? Well, sure, it isn’t exactly Corfu or Mallorca, but actually, Baku can be a great destination to soak up some warm rays. The promenade along the Caspian coast is absolutely beautiful on a sunny day and the alleyways of the Old Town will keep you in wonder for a long time.