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December 4, 2018 by Robert

Traveling With Pets: Guide To Staying In Hotels

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Who would want to leave their pet home while going for a long trip abroad? Many pet owners have had to worry and spend hours browsing the airlines’ websites to understand the regulations relevant to their flights. But flying with your pet is only part of the equation, right? When you have touched the ground again, entered the country, and the sun has set, then it’s time to stay somewhere overnight. In this post, we have collected the main tips and suggestions you need to keep in mind before booking a hotel while traveling with your furry best friend.

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Double-check the prices and conditions
Hotels tend to carry restrictions to the pets’ sizes and ages. For example, some hotels don’t allow small puppies to their premises. The reason springs from the puppies curious and playful nature that sometimes gets totally out of hand. Prices vary wildly depending on the region and the particular hotel, but there’s one thing you should always keep in mind. Quite a few hotels have a policy of asking for deposits designated to people travelling with pets. If your cat, dog, or other animal breaks anything, then you won’t get the deposit back and/or have to pay extra fees.

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Learn about the surroundings
Your dogs need to run and play as much as back home. Check that your hotel isn’t located in an area where it’s almost impossible to have a decent walk or jog. Traffic-congested streets without any good sidewalks or industrial areas that lack greenery don’t make the best surroundings to enjoy a nice time with your pet.

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Take care of any problems immediately
Sometimes our pets can get into trouble. You shouldn’t wait to deal with the consequences: report to the front desk agents immediately when something bad has happened. Believe us when we say it, no hotel employee wants to find a “stinky surprise” somewhere in the lobby later when taking care of it consumer more time and energy. Moreover, employees might be kinder and friendlier when you just tell them the whole story instead of trying to hide the evidence.

Dirty sofa in a dirty room
Be careful with special “pet rooms”
When a hotel promises to put you into a specially designated “pet room”, then be very careful with these kinds of promises. In reality, this might mean you’ll be put into a smokers room or just one of the older rooms in the building. These rooms can have a very worn-out furniture, walls, and even a heavy smell of lingering smoke. If you don’t want to end up in a place like that, ask from the hotel directly what’s the actual difference between regular and pet rooms. Also, try to ask for a non-smoking room just to be extra careful.

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Ask for a room on the first floor
Why on the first floor? Sometimes your four-legged family member might really need to go out quickly. Descending from the ninth floor is more time-consuming even if the hotel has an elevator when compared to having a room in the vicinity of the main entrance.

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Consider the alternatives
Maybe a rental apartment or house would be a better and less stressful option compared to a hotel room? Consider the different options before booking anything. When you are checking for rentals, be sure to inquire whether the owner accepts any pets into their home. Also, some owners might discriminate between different pets: maybe they accept only dogs or only smaller animals like guinea pigs or rabbits.