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December 3, 2018 by Robert

How To Save Money On Your Next Accommodation

Accommodation is a big part of every travel budget. Whether you’re going to stay in a nice apartment, swanky hotel room, or a budget bungalow, Agent Frida has your overnight stay needs covered. While using our services help to save money, there are more ways to get the most out of your holiday budget. Saving even ten or twenty euros might serve as seed money for your next trip or some tasty local fare. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you are able to stretch your accommodation budget.

Book ahead
Yes, last-minute offers and discounts exist, but if you really want the best deals, don’t leave booking your accommodation on the last minute. This tip is especially relevant to destinations popular among holidaymakers from all over Europe: Turkish Riviera, Greek islands, southern coast of Portugal, Canary Islands, etc. Booking a few days before doesn’t leave you with many options. And even finding some discounts may be misleading because you’d never know what great deals you might have missed in the first place.

Avoid peak times
Try to avoid travelling and booking accommodation during the most popular times of the year. For example, visiting beautiful Mediterranean destinations is definitely cheaper in the second half of May compared to mid-July. Price hikes are common during Christmas holidays, school recesses, Valentine’s Day, and New Year’s Eve. Still deciding to travel on peak times means you should book plenty of time ahead. All the accommodation companies and private hosts will raise their prices for last-minute bookings. They know that the demand is high and they will try to make a profit off the situation.

Opt for aggregators
As you may have noticed, there are loads of sites out there offering a wide variety of accommodation options. It takes a lot of time sifting through all of these providers and many of them have differing prices alongside unique properties. Valuing your time starts when you use aggregators like Agent Frida. The search system houses many accommodation providers, offering you a chance to compare the available properties and prices. Sometimes, this process may save you hours of browsing that give you a headache sooner or later. When you find a suitable place to stay, you’ll be directed straight to the booking site hosting the particular price of the hotel, apartment, or other accommodation.

Read the reviews
What do reviews have to do with saving money? Well, for starters, you could actually be missing some of the expected amenities. This usually applies to hostels, but not all places offer towels free of charge. Helpful reviewers will point these negative sides out so that others can make more informed decisions. Another money-saving point might be the location. If you are using public transport and it turns out that the buses actually skip the expected stops or not run at all anymore, then knowing ahead about such issues will save you some money on taxi or Uber.

Don’t travel alone
We totally recommend solo travel, it’s a fantastic way to experience the world and learn more about yourself along with the countries you’ll visit. That said, it will be cheaper to book accommodation when you are at least traveling with one more person. And when it comes to holiday homes, one of the cheapest ways to book them is to go with a bigger group of people. Some holiday houses and even Italian villas have the capacity to provide comfortable living conditions for more than three families. Imagine how low the prices sink when you divide the weekly prices between all of the people staying there.