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October 7, 2018 by Robert

How To Pick The Perfect Holiday Home

Holiday homes are a great way to really enjoy your getaway from the daily life. There are quite many things to consider when picking a perfect one for your (or your family’s) needs. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the main points to think about when scrolling the accommodation lists on Agent Frida.


Location is the first step
When you are judging the apartment’s location, always think about what kind of vacation are you aiming to enjoy. Holiday on the sandy beach doesn’t sit together well with an apartment that is way out in the suburbs and requires a long drive or commute to the beach area. In a similar fashion, going for a ski trip isn’t really enjoyable when you the snowy slopes are too far away from your accommodation. Another thing to consider is your way of transport. Do you have a rental car or are you going to use the public transport? The first option makes things a bit easier but planning on using the public buses demands more attention to the apartment’s proximity to public transport stops.


People have different privacy needs
Some of us want to have a really quiet vacation without having too many other people around. Others need constant social stimulation and do well in shared accommodation. It’s essential to know your preferences before picking a holiday apartment because some homes have many shared spaces, such as a barbeque pit or pool with lounge chairs. While you won’t find an actual private-public scale on the holiday rental pages, it’s still quite easy to understand the nature of a particular rental space from the description, photos, and guest reviews. And if you are in doubt, you can easily contact the owner to clarify any potential issues.


Pets are family
Travelling with your pet(s) can be immensely rewarding. But it’s vital to check with the place before actually taking your dog, cat, or guinea pig there. Of course, it’s not needed in the case of a rental that’s being advertised as a pet-friendly space. In all other cases, however, you should contact the owner and ask whether they allow pets in the premises. Try to sort this out as soon as possible so you can avoid any last-minute surprises that turn into tiring hassles.


You get what you pay for
Or is it always like that? Some rentals might be quite expensive, and maybe you feel like splurging a bit on your next vacation because you really deserve it. No problem! But don’t always judge the holiday apartment’s quality only on its price because the price tag might not be the best indicator. For example, you might find a really nice holiday home that’s on the low-end budget. Maybe it doesn’t have all the high-end amenities; still, the apartment might have some unique additions that make for an unforgettable vacation. Similarly, there are houses out there that come with a hefty price tag but leave people just shrugging their shoulders when they step through the door. That’s why you should always check the reviews and use a healthy judgment before booking anything.