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December 3, 2018 by Robert

6 Tips For Enjoying Your Hostel Stay

Hostel dorm room with two red chairs

Hostels provide an affordable alternative to hotels and rental apartments. Staying in hostels is an entirely different experience from a traditional hotel. You should expect to have differing levels of comfort, privacy, and peace of mind. However, we have compiled a list of suggestions on how to make your next hostel stay a bit more enjoyable. Let’s go!

People sitting around a fire, having fun
1. Don’t be shy!
Hostels are a great place for socializing, so if you aren’t a devoted introvert, let your inner social butterfly on the loose. Hotels are much more private! Hostels, on the other hand, have common areas where it’s easy to find new friends. The usual places for chatting with people are the kitchen area, a designated common area, and bigger dorm rooms. For example, you could discuss travel plans with someone over the breakfast or invite a fellow traveller on a day trip. Sometimes, seemingly random chats evolve into a life-long friendship or even a romance. Keep an open attitude and you’ll experience that yourself sooner or later!

Bunk Beds In Hostel Dorm Room
2. Rooms? Choose wisely!
Not all hostel rooms are equal. Based on your preferences, you should pick a room that strikes the perfect balance between your budget and personal needs. Bigger rooms may even have beds for more than twenty people. These rooms offer the best deal for people who can easily sleep when there are strange noises around them. Also, keep in mind that huge hostel rooms might have double or triple bunk beds. Getting the top bed on a triple (or quadruple!) bunk bed isn’t for the faint-hearted. At the same time, a bed in the smallest rooms might cost you twice or more the amount of sleeping in a dorm.

Wallet with a stack of bank notes
3. Value your valuables!
Staying in a hostel doesn’t mean you’ll end up getting your smartphone, passport, and cash stolen. But we can’t deny that the risk of this happening is higher in a dorm room full of twenty people than a double room in Hilton. Always ask from the reception whether they have any free lockers available for your valuables. Better yet, check that before booking and pick a hostel that has the amenities to provide extra security. If you still end up in a hostel that doesn’t have any lockers, then hug them tight while you sleep or put them under your pillow.

Putting Earphone In Ear
4. Buy earplugs!
Doesn’t matter if you’re staying in a room full of three or thirteen people: snoring guests can make your stay a living nightmare. Just think a few steps ahead and buy earplugs before staying at a hostel. Plus, it’s not always about snoring people. Some of the fellow hostel guests might start packing their stuff at four in the morning or arrive from a party at five o’clock. Earplugs are like an insurance against these situations!

Pouring Milk On Cornflakes
5. Don’t expect too much from breakfast!
While you may get a really nice buffet full of croissants, fried eggs, and fancy muesli at a Sheraton, you’ll get the same treatment in few hostels, if any. Of course, you get what you pay for, so you should be happy if there’s any free breakfast at all. A typical hostel breakfast consists of coffee, cereal and milk along with some basic stuff to fix a simple sandwich.

Thumb On Google Maps Smartphone App
6. Double-check the location
Unfortunately, there are quite a few hostels out there that are quite liberal when interpreting their distance from the main landmarks and central stations. Use the Google Maps or other location services to double-check the quoted distances on their website or hotel booking site description. Also, it’s wise to read the reviews as these might unveil any unrealistic expectations set by the promotional materials.