5 Ways To De-Stress On Your Next Flight

October 24, 2018 by Robert

5 Ways To De-Stress On Your Next Flight

Flying can be stressful. Sometimes not everything goes according to the plan and you’ll finally find yourself sitting on the plane after a six-hour delay. Or somebody was really rude to you at the gate queue. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few different ways you can prepare yourself a flight that’s less stressful on your mind and body.

1. More leg room?
Do you have some extra money? If yes, then opt for the extended leg room offers. You’ll feel much better, especially if you are taller than the average height. It will still be a hundred (literally) times cheaper compared to the Business Class seat.

2. Valuables travel in the carry-on!
So many people get stressed while flying because they are constantly worried about their valuables that are in the check-in baggage. Do yourself a favour and take all of the essentials and valuables with you in the carry-on baggage. This way, even if there’s a case of lost luggage or simple delays, you’ll have a little bit less to worry about.

3. Water, water, and some more water
Flying can be ridiculously dehydrating. Your skin feels drier and the mind slower after a long time spent up in the air. That’s why it’s a good idea to drink as much water as possible. Avoid coffee, tea, and alcohol because these drinks might actually make you even more dehydrated.

4. Talk to the people
Or if you are introverted, take books or an e-reader with you! The bottom line is to enjoy yourself on the flight. Talking about life and travel with someone sitting next to you can be a good way to make the time pass quicker. Plus, socializing might act as a natural stress-reliever in the same way as reading a good book can help some others to relax a bit more.

5. Sleep
Not all people are able to sleep on a long flight. But if you are one of the lucky travellers, then use that for your own benefit. Sleeping is always good for you and when you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed. Also, you might discover that it’s time to land soon!