3 Things To Know About Mistake Airfares

October 23, 2018 by Robert

3 Things To Know About Mistake Airfares

Mistake fares happen when plane tickets are being sold below their feasible market price. Typical examples are return flights from London to the USA for 121 euros or Paris to Peru for 280 euros. Usually, this results from someone making a big mistake entering the numbers, a malfunctioning algorithm, or communication problems between OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and the respective airlines. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few key points you need to know when booking mistake fares.

1. The fare may (or may not) be honoured
Buying the cheap tickets won’t guarantee getting on the plane while only paying a small per cent of the actual price. You should wait for at least a few weeks after getting the e-ticket number or PNR code before booking any accommodation. Once the few weeks acting as a buffer zone have passed, and you haven’t gotten any cancellation notifications, you may proceed and book all the rooms and activities in the final destination.

2. Not all low prices are mistakes
We are living in an age of cheap air travel. That’s why you shouldn’t presume that every bargain offer is a mistake fare. For example, low-cost carriers (Ryanair, easyJet, etc) have even sold some of their flight tickets for less than one euro! These aren’t mistakes. The surprisingly low prices come from careful calculations and each flight only has a handful of tickets that are being offered at rock-bottom prices.

3. You need to act fast
Word spreads as quickly as a wildfire when it comes to mistake fares. If you want to book your tickets, then you need to do it immediately. Sometimes the fares are taken down only in a few hours after the first posts have been published online about the ultra-cheap offers. Plus, there are plenty of people who will call the airline office and ask why they sell their tickets for such a low price. Of course, the airline’s reps will quickly take note and contact the sales department. Have your credit card ready at all times!