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July 28, 2018 by Robert

Future Of Rentals Is Here

We are living in an age of swift change. The way we conduct our daily lives is changing at a neck-breaking speed. Just try to remember the life 10-15 years ago. Mobile payments, vast social networks, and sharing-based platforms would have been hard to imagine. Now, all of this is our reality. And rental services aren’t any different. Gone are the days of flipping magazine pages or finding peeling, worn-out rental ads on some sun-kissed resort town’s walls. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the latest developments regarding holiday rentals and the possible future trend that might change the way we plan our vacations.

Technological improvements
More and more people are making their bookings online. And not just online, they are using their mobile phones to book an apartment or a house. But the tech advancements aren’t only tied to the booking, messaging, and payment experiences. Some homeowners have automated the check-in using clever electronic solutions. Even the rentable homes themselves are changing as people are adapting to an ever-increasing technological lifestyle. Mood lighting, AI-based climate regulation, and voice control are just some of the features that we could be seeing in future, high-tech homes.

Hotels don’t have it easy
Accommodation and hospitality business is heavily competitive. Big hotel chains need to take steps in order to counter the growing trend of peer-to-peer apartment and house renting. What does it mean for you? Cheaper hotel rooms!? Maybe in some areas, but in an overall sense, hotels might make themselves more personalized and attractive to customers that are used to the cosiness and hospitable vibes experienced when renting a holiday home straight from the owners. Another question is why would you even book a hotel in the first place. Sometimes, hotels are gaining an upper-hand in the competition because there are areas in the world that are sparsely covered with vacation rentals. But this is changing quickly as more people are hearing about the opportunities presented by the new rental services online.

Virtual reality tours
Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that has seen a steady rise in the last years. One of the underlying reasons is the fact that the VR technologies have been able to grow into more high-quality products. The pictures are sharper, videos more realistic, and there are countless more ways to interact with the different images projected in front of your eyes. Virtual house tours might become more commonplace as the devices allowing the viewing of VR images are earning a ubiquitous role in our daily lives.

Quality is on the rise
All of the properties are on the open market, so the average quality is improving constantly. The owners receive feedback from different customers and they can’t afford to lose their market share. As a result, they have to find ways how to make their customers’ experience as enjoyable as possible. Some owners try to improve by going through all the negative feedback and find particular points that need improvement. Others already have generally nice feedback, but they can add different perks that’ll elevate their guests’ stay even higher. One thing is for sure: the online rental marketplace is heading to a place that is more based on high quality and value for the money.