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October 5, 2018 by Robert

4 (Secret?) Mediterranean Holiday Destinations

Mediterranean seashore is a prime spot for every type of holiday. You can pick between lazy Italian fishing villages, Ibiza’s wild parties, luxurious Greek island resorts, and bustling cities like Barcelona. And we haven’t even started yet! In this blog post, we are inspiring you with four holiday destinations that you might haven’t heard about. Let us introduce you to…

Vis (Croatia)
When you make your way towards the open sea, then you’ll soon discover that Vis is the farthest inhabited island from the Croatian dazzling coastline. Because it was sealed off from civilian life for decades, Vis has been less developed compared to many other Croatian islands. And that’s good news for any aspiring visitors. Of course, nowadays there are plenty of ferries and tourism infrastructure, yet there’s a certain charm that can only be carried by regions which haven’t been swarmed with tourists for many years in a row. Plus, the island is perfect for growing grapes, so you can do plenty of vineyard hopping.

Pisciotta (Italy)
Pisciotta is located in the Campania region famous for its gastronomy, music, and plenty of archaeological sites. Sitting on top of a hill, it’s a quintessential Southern Italian town with its winding streets and small piazzas. You can make your way down to the marina and port area that is facing the stunningly blue Mediterranean sea. There are plenty of restaurants if you get hungry and although Pisciotta isn’t one of the most famous Italian destinations, you’ll have no problem finding a place to sleep there.

Cassis (France)
France’s Mediterranean coast is absolutely stunning and has become very famous throughout the years. Most people have heard about beautiful French Riviera towns like Cannes, Nice, and Marseille. But how many people know about Cassis? The seaside town is famous for its white wine, jaw-dropping cliffs, and a number of hidden coves. It’s located only 20 kilometres from Marseille that makes visiting this small town quite easy if you are based in Marseille. By the way, don’t confuse crème de cassis liqueur with this town. The ‘cassis’ in the alcoholic beverage’s name actually refers to blackcurrants instead of this place.

Hydra (Greece)
Cars and motorcycles are banned on this beautiful Saronic Island as donkeys are one of the main ways to get from point A to point B instead of walking. You’ll find loads of great restaurants serving delicious Greek cuisine and plenty of historical sights. But the main value in Hydra lies in its authentic atmosphere that is a direct result from the preservation activities that have taken place in the recent history. Also, you may recognize some of the spots in Hydra from famous movies like Boat Trip (2002), Fugitive Pieces (2007) and an older classic called Boy on a Dolphin (1957).