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July 28, 2018 by Robert

7 Nice European Vacation Spots For September

September is part of the shoulder season. Shoulder seasons signify the nice time between high season and low season. Usually, the prices are already dropping and the crowds disappearing, but the weather might remain as nice as during the peak season. Even the airfares might be cheaper if you are smart and buy them ahead. That said, you might also encounter some nice last minute offers for flights to Mediterranean and North African destinations. In this blog post, we are having a closer look at 7 European vacation spots that are absolutely fantastic to visit during September.

Rome, Italy
In the summer months, Rome can get unbearably hot. Yet, that doesn’t hold back huge crowds as the city is filled with people coming from all over the world to see its monuments, eat the great food, and spend some nice time in the Eternal City. Rome in September means fewer travel groups wandering around, and while the weather is still very warm, it isn’t as hot as during the peak summer.

Barcelona, Spain
Similarly to Rome, July and August mean that Barcelona is packed with tourists. The main street, La Rambla, is filled with backpackers, holidaymakers, and other travellers. Try to book your rental early because otherwise, you might pay a hefty price for your accommodation. Barcelona can get pretty expensive because of the steady influx of tourists.

Lisbon, Portugal
The average high temperature for September is 26°C, making Lisbon a really nice destination to visit as the Northern part of Europe turns colder day by day. Compared to Barcelona and Rome, you might discover that Lisbon is a bit friendlier towards your wallet.

Istanbul, Turkey
Partly in Europe, partly in Asia, Istanbul is a destination for all the senses. You’ll be surprised how much there is to see in this huge city. And if you are already visiting Istanbul, you might consider finding cheap flights or other transport to famous Turkish sights such as Cappadocia or visit some of the nice coastal resorts like Antalya.

Interlaken, Switzerland
Yes, it’s more expensive (all year round) and colder (in September) than the destinations mentioned before, but still it’s a great place to visit in the first autumn month. Did you know that some Swiss regions actually get more rain during the summer months? If you are lucky, you might experience less rain in September when compared to July.

Paris, France
Oh, the city of love! It’s said that Paris is always a good idea and we couldn’t agree more. September still sees warmer temperatures while there might be fewer tourists when compared to summer months. But don’t expect a city void of travellers. Paris gets many visitors all year long and you’ll see why!

Venice, Italy
One of the most remarkable cities in Europe, Venice is a true North Italy’s gem. While there might be as many tourists in September as in August, then still it’s not a bad idea to visit this famous destination in early autumn. Walk along the narrow streets and enjoy the historical atmosphere surrounded by an endless maze of canals.