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August 27, 2018 by Robert

5 Things To Do In Barcelona: October 2018

Barcelona is a year-round destination. Even though the beaches quiet down and there’s less sunshine outside the summer season, you are still going to enjoy a lot of activities at any other time of the year. October isn’t an exception, which is why we have created a post about different stuff to do in October 2018. You can still grab some low-cost flight tickets from many European cities to Barcelona for this October using Ryanair, easyJet, or any other LCC airline serving Barcelona (BCN) and Girona-Costa Brava (GRO) airports. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that accommodation will be cheaper compared to summer months and even some local activities might be cheaper than the ones during the top season.

LEM Festival
Experimental music and multimedia art create a provoking infusion during a month-long festival held in various venues throughout Barcelona. Most of the performances are free, making it an ideal opportunity to save money on local experiences. You might expect mostly to hear electronic music, but there are other genres in the mix as well.

Mercat de Mercats
In translation, the event’s title means Market of Markets. All of the local market produce is lined up at Av de la Catedral. Autumn is a great time for organizing this kind of an event as the stalls will be filled with fresh, juicy, and colourful products.

In-Edit Beefeater Festival
October 25 marks the first day of a music documentary festival that covers an endless array of different music genres. This might be a good opportunity to learn more about the music world even if you aren’t too much into that in the first place. The venues used are Aribau Club and Aribau Multisales.

La Castanyada
October 31 is the All Saints Day that is being celebrated everywhere in Barcelona. Traditional roasted chestnuts is a favourite among the locals to enjoy during this celebration. Also, you might find snacks made from sweet potatoes that are called moniatos. Halloween traditions have started to seep more and more into the local culture, so you are able to spot carved pumpkins and scary costumes around the city as well.

48H Open House Barcelona
October 27 and 28 mark the 48-hour period of open houses all over Barcelona. You are able to access over 150 buildings in Barcelona that have opened their doors to all people interested in appreciating the houses’ history and architecture. Check out more information on their website to learn about particular events taking place.