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January 24, 2019

Lucky Agent Frida follower will WIN a FREE flight to ITALY!

Did you push the LIKE button for Agent Frida page (click here)? If yes, congratulations, you are already participating in the giveaway if you live in one of the European Union member states. How does the giveaway work? If you have won the tickets on January 31, 2019, then we’ll give you three possible dates […]

Lana Del Rey Posing For New Track

January 16, 2019

Hotel Guide For Lana Del Rey Concerts 2019

Lana has at least five concerts this year. There might easily be more performances as her concert count was 12 in 2017 and 36 last year. But this all we know as of now. And as you might have experienced, it’s sometimes quite hard to find perfect accommodation. The concerts are often during bigger music […]

Couple sitting in Barcelona on a viewing point

January 15, 2019

Hotel Guide For Valentine’s Day Getaways 2019

Valentine’s Day isn’t far away anymore. Quite many people are in the midst of planning a wonderful getaway to enjoy with their significant other. European capitals seem to be among the favourites as you can easily plan as many activities you want while many of these destinations are quite romantic as well. Even during February […]

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